As the weather starts to cool down, beer drinkers consider which beers they will enjoy during the fall season. It’s no secret that a wide variety of beer is available during this time of year, but some breweries release special edition beers. Our list of top fall beers for 2022 explains why they’re perfect for the season and how to enjoy them.

What Exactly Are Dark Beers?

It is a common misconception that dark beer is heavy and filling. Dark beer is surprisingly refreshing and flavorful; many are low in calories. The first dark beer to be named after the fall season was doppelbock, which originated as a drink for monks during their fasts. Other names for this beer category include imperial stout, black stout, and chocolate stout.

While light lagers and dark beers have similar alcohol levels, darker beers often contain more malt and sugar. These beers have a richer flavor and a winning combination with spicy food and grilled meat.

What Should I Brew In Fall?

Fall is a great time if you’re considering a new beer recipe this year. Beer in this season is more balanced and complex than in the summer. Summer beers are citrusy and piney, while fall beers are richer and spicier.

Beer lovers everywhere are excited about the upcoming Oktoberfest beers. With fall just around the corner, you should start planning your brewing process for the coming year. You can enjoy many delicious beer styles, including pumpkin and amber ales. The calendar will surely have something you’ll like, whether you prefer lighter or heavier ales.

If pumpkin spice isn’t your thing, consider making a spiced beer. Try a pumpkin-infused ale from New Belgium. It is perfect for chilly autumn evenings. There is a beer for every taste, whether you prefer a pale ale or wheat beer.

What Are The Best Seasonal Beers To Drink During The Autumn Season?

You’ll be ready to start sipping a delicious new brew when fall comes around. Fall is a season for change, and beer is no exception. While summer beers are full of citrus notes and pine, fall beers are rich and complex. Their flavors can range from malty to sweet and spicy. This article will highlight a few options to help you celebrate the fall season in style. Read on to find the best beer for fall this year! Also, check out the many new fall beers hitting the market!


A crisp cider is the best way to welcome the season. Beyond being a boozy drink, however, this versatile drink pairs beautifully with delicious gourmet foods. This wine has a zesty, grape-like scent and a sweet, refreshing apple flavor on the finish.


While most pumpkin-flavored beers fall short of expectations, Elysian’s “The Great Pumpkin” stands out. In this world’s first Imperial pumpkin ale, roasted seeds add flavor to the mash and some extra flesh during fermentation and kettling. Adding cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice to the brew hides its boozy alcohol content, providing a rich, pumpkin pie-like taste.


Old Rasputin is a familiar name in the craft beer industry. And it’s for a good reason, too. An impressive imperial stout brewed with traditional English methods, it reaches a full 9% ABV with a creamy mouthfeel and plenty of malty characters. Intensely black and full-bodied, Old Rasputin beer is an excellent choice for a chilly autumn evening.


This beer from Anchor Brewing has a little less bite than others, so it may be a good fit if you prefer darker beers with a bit less bite. Its blend of pale, caramel, chocolate and black malts remains a timeless classic 40 years after its original release. Despite its sweet candy and coffee flavors, it’s surprisingly light and refreshing.


PRO Engineering / Manufacturing Inc. has put together a list of autumn beers that are both unique and delicious.

It’s not so easy to find this beer nowadays, but if you do find it, it’s certainly well worth trying. Autumn IPA mixes classic Märzenbier flavors with modern German hop varietals, pouring bright orange with a spicy malt backbone. The aroma is lightly grassy and floral, followed by citrus fruit and a resiny-pine scent that defines classic IPAs. The wine pairs well with heavier foods like meat or pizza, but almost anything goes.


A leading expert in lagers, Jack’s Abby is ready to deliver a quality Oktoberfest brew. Case in point: Copper Legend. It pours a proper Märzen appearance and taste with a thick white head, mild carbonation, and deliciously bready-but-floral flavors. The 5.7% ABV might be surprising to IPA drinkers, though it makes for an enjoyable sip. Regardless of how you drink it, a stein is essential for the complete Oktoberfest experience.


New Belgium’s regular Voodoo Ranger offerings live up to their names with this pumpkin-infused offering. This pretty interesting beer is brewed with pumpkin, Saigon cinnamon, and habanero chilies and begins sweet, surprises with some heat, and finishes with a subtle brown sugar flavor. It might seem surprising that peppers would work in a beer, but they add a pleasant warming sensation that will keep you warm during even the coldest parts of the year.


Bell’s Kalamazoo stout is rich in flavor but still easy to drink. This beer is a classic Bell mash bill, combining coffee, dark chocolate, and malt from start to finish for an exceptional drinking experience. Even with the hops added, the creamy mouthfeel and licorice-like taste make it an acceptable choice for connoisseurs of dark beer.


It combines bready malt with lemon and kaffir lime varietals for an amber ale that is remarkably sweet, piney, and even caramelized. The beer starts strong, but its bitterness doesn’t compromise its drinkability. Flannel Friday is a great fall beer option for IPA fans looking for a bit of seasonality in their beer.


Lambics are more fruit-forward than stouts and are a good choice if you find the fall’s heavy meals and flavors overwhelming. The raspberry and sweet herbs notes in Lindeman’s Framboise complement everything from bready carbs to red meats well. No matter your drinking preferences, it’s an approachable option as it only clocks in at 2.5% alcohol.


In contrast to brown ales with muddier tastes, this hazelnut-heavy option from Rogue stands out. Aromas of bread and toast, punctuated by chocolate undertones, almost cereal-like, dominate the nose. Its nutty flavor will instantly captivate you on the first sip, lingering on long after it’s over.


Founders’ Backwoods Bastard fits the bill when light beers won’t do. This barrel-aged Scotch ale stands out for its toffee, caramel, tobacco smoke flavors, and classic bourbon characteristics. The alcohol content is 11%, but it’s a subtle burning sensation instead of an overpowering taste. A candy-like treat with a bite of whiskey.


Freshly picked peaches and Brettanomyces fermented with a blend of wild sour ale yeast make this one a true standout. Pouring a clear amber color with a low, wispy head, it’s tart and sweet yet funky. On the nose, you get lots of lemons, candy, white wine, and peach, though it is more subtle on the palate, reminiscent of apricots and marmalade. Due to its dry, crisp nature, it is a winning combination with savory foods like sausage and smoked vegetables.


This Southern Tier ale lives up to its name, a creamy pumpkin ale that reigns supreme over all other pumpkin beers. Rich, creamy mouthfeel and a roasted fig finish accompany this pie-like brew. While other ales like it tend to go overboard with pumpkin, this ale keeps its balance with cinnamon spice and brown sugar sweetness.


Our list ends with Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest, a bonafide craft beer classic. This light, happier German-style lager is released annually during the brewery’s fall season. And here’s the thing: drinkers of all kinds are bound to appreciate this brew; between the Hersbrucker varietals, the Pilsner malts, and the lager yeast. It’s a complex offering that’s nevertheless approachable enough to be a true fan favorite. The fall beer scene is all about pumpkins. Pumpkin is the most autumn-inspired ingredient. Pumpkin beer is usually brewed with large amounts of spices, creating a heavier body and dessert-like taste. Pumpkin beers are becoming increasingly popular every year. Maple is another flavor that pairs well with autumn beer; maple ale is an example of this trend. Maple can be used to create a spicier, more complex beer than pumpkin and is a perfect match with this beer. If you’re looking for the best fall beers for 2022, check out the brewers we’ve highlighted above. These beers are perfect for the season, and with such wide varieties, there’s something for everyone. So get out there and start sampling!

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