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This presentation will explore the subject of batch pasteurizers. Batch pasteurizers, as the name implies, are designed to pasteurize beverages in small batches as opposed to continuous pasteurization seen in tunnel and flash pasteurizers.

Batch Pasteurizers use heated water to increase the temperature of the beverage in the can or bottle.

Some batch designs use a dip tank approach where a batch of bottles/cans are lowered into a tank filled with heated water.
The containers are left in the tank for a specified time and then are lifted out.

Batch pasteurizers that use a dip tank design rather than a water spray design can present the user with problems because…the water that the beverage containers are submersed in may not circulate very well, leading to over or under pasteurization.

Other designs use a spray of hot water to heat the beverage in its container.
The beverage containers are placed in trays which are then placed inside the pasteurizer enclosure.

The machine starts the spray process that results in water covering the bottles/cans for a calculated amount of time.
When that time is up, the door is opened and the trays containing the bottles/cans are removed from the pasteurizer.

Batch pasteurizers are typically used by beverage bottlers who have lower throughput needs, smaller financial resources or less production floor room…

Additionally, large bottlers may use a batch pasteurizer on new products before they are introduced to the marketplace.

Universities may also use batch pasteurizers to educate students.
PRO Engineering has two batch pasteurizer models, the Single Temperature, and the Triple Temperature.  Both use heated water sprays. Both models can be pallet-jacked for ease of moving around the production floor.

Each model has PRO Engineering custom-designed spray nozzles that resist clogging. The Single and Triple Temp models have numerous additional features that make them stand out from the competition.

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