If you need to pasteurize your beverage but your facility will not accommodate a large pasteurizer, consider the Slim/Line™ family of tunnel pasteurizers from PRO. The PRO Slim/Line series of pasteurizers has most of the same features as the PRO full-size pasteurizer line but with a smaller footprint and an economical price.

The PRO Slim/Line™ has a unique design. It can accommodate additional 15 foot modules as your production demand grows. You can start with the basic Slim/Line™, which is 15 feet long. As your production demand grows you can add additional 15 foot modules. You can also start out with a longer machine and add to it. You can start with a 30 foot long Slim/Line and add 15 foot modules all the way up to a 60 foot long pasteurizer.

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Removable Side Panels

You want ease of cleaning and troubleshooting. With the PRO Slim/Line™ pasteurizer you get both. Confined space above the belt is eliminated, resulting in easier cleaning and belt maintenance.

Economical Price

You want to extend the shelf life of your beverage but you can’t afford a full size pasteurizer or you don’t need one yet. PRO Engineering offers you economical pricing with the Slim/Line™ pasteurizer.

Touch Screen Controls

The PRO Slim/Line™ has a touch screen HMI that interfaces with the PLC controlling the machine. Troubleshooting is made easy because fault logic in the program reveals errors.

Square Spray Pattern Nozzles

You want uniform pasteurization across the internal pasteurization area of the pasteurizer. The nozzles that PRO designed provide a square spray pattern that gives you the uniform pasteurization you want.

304 Stainless Steel Construction

T304 stainless steel is standard on all PRO Engineering food and beverage equipment. Stainless steel construction aids in the sanitation of the machine.

Extra-Large-Orifice Nozzles

Even though you may not need all of the features of a full-scale machine, you definitely want your pasteurization process to be reliable. The extra-large-orifice nozzles on the PRO Slim/Line™ pasteurizers are clog-resistant to help ensure that your product is effectively pasteurized.

Compact Footprint

One reason you may be considering a compact pasteurizer is that your space is limited. The PRO family of Slim/Line™ pasteurizers minimizes your floor space requirements.

Slim/Line™ models have the following footprints:
Slim/Line™ 15: 6.0’ wide X 21’ long
Slim/Line™ 30: 6.0’ wide X 36’ long
Slim/Line™ 45: 6.0’ wide X 51’ long
Slim/Line™ 60: 6.0’ wide X 66’ long

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Optional Infeed Cross Conveyor

Cross Conveyor Housing

Removable Side Panels

Optional PLC/HMI Controls

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