Re-engineering and Rebuilding Capabilities and Benefits

It is sometimes more economical to retrofit an old machine than have the production downtime to remove conveyors, hire riggers, cut out the old machine, buy a new machine, and install a new machine

PRO Engineering engineers and technicians are absolute experts at doing the following:

  • Conducting inspection programs on your pasteurizers
  • Running energy audits on your pasteurizers
  • Replacing your old or worn out belts with new stainless steel or plastic belts
  • Upgrading your controls
  • Replacing your carry-ways allowing for better belt tracking and longer belt life
  • Replacing your carry-way covers allowing for longer belt life (this is done after the carry-ways are replaced with the new chevron design instead of the old linear design)
  • Converting your walking beam pasteurizers and warmers into flat-mat design reducing can and bottle tipping exponentially
  • Replacing and improving your spray nozzles reducing clogs and increasing coverage efficiency
  • Replacing your pumps and drives to increase efficiency
  • Replacing your spray nozzles with large, non-clogging nozzles, thus reducing clogs
  • Replacing your transfers with PRO/Float™ transfer plates, reducing can and bottle tipping when entering or exiting the tunnel unit.
  • Replacing your filter boxes
  • Re-zoning for new products
  • Replacing labor intensive transfer plates with tool-less PRO/Float™ full floating transfer plates.
  • Your Retrofit can be completed in as few as five days, but the average is between 7 and 14 days. Multiple shifts around the clock can speed up the process.
  • Retrofit kits are prebuilt at PRO Engineering and shipped complete to the plant. During a scheduled down period, your retrofit is completed.

PRO/FloatTM is a trademark of PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.

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