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    • World class keg filling and cleaning equipment. 
    • PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. has been representing M+F since 2008. 
    • Produces semi-automatic keg cleaners and fillers, fully automatic keg cleaners and external keg washers.
    • PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. is the United States affiliate for sales, service and spare parts.
    • Call and ask for a quote. (414) 362-1500


    • Voran has been producing fruit processing equipment since 1925. 
    • PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. has been representing Voran since 2015.
    • The portfolio of Voran machinery is used in the processing of nearly all fruits and vegetables. 
    • PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. is the central United States representative for sales and service.
    • Call and ask for a quote. (414) 362-1500


  • Automation Solutions LLC focuses on helping companies upgrade antiquated or unsupportable machine control systems – providing for faster (more automated) processes, machine data acquisition and storage, remote monitoring via smart device or remote computer. 
  • As a systems integrator with in-house engineering, panel-building and installation services, we are uniquely qualified to provide turn-key solutions for automated system control.
  • We’re a boutique partner specializing in the creation of innovative PLC and computer-based solutions providing increased performance, reliability, and production efficiencies. 
  • While “boutique” may sound expensive, our customers have found our solutions to be custom tailored to meet their specific requirements, providing a more economically viable solution vs. pre-packaged offerings requiring modification or featuring unnecessary components.

  • World Class supplier of woven wire, stainless steel belts for conveyors, pasteurizers, ovens, washers, cookers, fryers, spirals and more.
  • Since 2005, PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. has been using Twentebelt products on new machinery and refurbishment projects.
  • PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. is a North American supplier of Twentebelt products.
  • Call and ask for a quote. (414) 362-1500


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