1. Introduction

  • Brief overview of the joy of combining scenic beauty with a cold brew.

2. The Rise of Scenic Breweries

  • The advantage and appeal of combining two sensory pleasures: taste and sight.

3. North America

  • U.S.: Sierra Nevada (California), Founders Brewing Co. (Michigan)
    • Overview of each, their signature brews, and what makes their locations scenic.
  • Canada: Tofino Brewing Company (British Columbia), Quidi Vidi Brewery (Newfoundland)
    • Distinguishing features of these Canadian gems.

4. Europe

  • Belgium: Abbey of Westvleteren
    • Rich history combined with a serene landscape.
  • Scotland: Isle of Skye Brewing Co.
    • Where Scottish tradition meets panoramic ocean views.
  • Norway: Ægir Brewery
    • Nestled amidst fjords and Viking lore.

5. Asia & Oceania

  • Japan: Hitachino Nest Beer, Kiuchi Brewery
    • Tranquil Japanese setting and unique brews.

6. Africa

  • South Africa: Clarens Brewery
    • Mountainscape meets artisanal brews.

7. South America

  • Argentina: Patagonia Brewery, Bariloche
    • Where Argentinian brews and Andean vistas unite.

8. The Experience: Beyond the Beer

  • How the ambiance and view influence the beer-tasting experience.

9. Ecological Considerations

  • Breweries that prioritize environment-friendly operations.

10. Conclusion

  • Encouraging readers to prioritize experience and ambiance on their next brewery tour.

11. Quick Tips & Recommendations

  • Best times to visit.
  • Specialty brews of each location.
  • Suggestions for making the most of your brewery tour experience.

1. Introduction

Nothing complements a cold brew better than a breathtaking view. Imagine sipping on a freshly brewed pint while gazing out over mountains, oceans, or historic cities. Breweries around the world are catching onto this concept, offering beer enthusiasts not just a drink, but an experience.

2. The Rise of Scenic Breweries

Historically, breweries were built based on practical considerations like water source and transportation1. Today, as the craft beer movement grows, many breweries are choosing locations that offer patrons a feast for their eyes as well as their taste buds.

3. Top Scenic Breweries of the World:

Sierra Nevada (California, U.S.)

Located in Chico and later expanding to Mills River in North Carolina, Sierra Nevada not only boasts of its rich history in American craft beer but also its pristine environment.

In Chico, the brewery lies near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, offering a verdant backdrop, while the North Carolina location is nestled within the lush forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visitors can enjoy the scenic landscapes, with rivers cutting across and the grandeur of towering trees, adding to the charm of the brewery.

Founders Brewing Co. (Michigan, U.S.)

Founders Brewing Co., situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers views of the Grand River. The river setting provides a tranquil atmosphere where visitors can appreciate the rhythmic flow of water while savoring their drinks. Moreover, the architectural charm of Grand Rapids complements the scenic allure, making it a dual treat of urban and natural beauty.

Tofino Brewing Company (British Columbia, Canada)

Tofino is a district on Vancouver Island’s west coast. The place is a meld of thick rainforests, vast beaches, and a stretching coastline. Tofino Brewing Company, amidst this beauty, encapsulates the spirit of the wild west coast, making every sip of beer feel like an embrace from nature.

Quidi Vidi Brewery (Newfoundland, Canada)

The brewery is situated in Quidi Vidi Village, a historic fishing community. Overlooking Quidi Vidi Harbor, the brewery offers mesmerizing views of rocky outcrops and the vast North Atlantic Ocean.

It’s not just a place for beer, but also for soaking in Newfoundland’s rich history and rugged coastal beauty.

Abbey of Westvleteren (Belgium)

Located in the West Flanders region of Belgium, this brewery is run by Trappist monks at the Saint Sixtus Abbey. The serenity of monastic life combines with Belgium’s rolling countryside, creating a peaceful, pastoral scene.

Here, beer becomes a bridge between spiritual contemplation and sensory delight.

Isle of Skye Brewing Co. (Scotland)

Portree, where this brewery is based, offers panoramic views of the surrounding Scottish highlands and the Atlantic Ocean. With rugged cliffs, verdant meadows, and a rich Gaelic history, this brewery’s setting captures the essence of Scotland’s wild heart.

Ægir Brewery (Norway)

Inspired by Norse mythology, Ægir Brewery in Flåm sits amidst the dramatic landscapes of Norwegian fjords. With steep mountain walls, cascading waterfalls, and the serene waters of the Aurlandsfjord, it’s a place where ancient Viking tales come to life.

Hitachino Nest Beer, Kiuchi Brewery (Japan)

Located in Ibaraki Prefecture, this brewery is surrounded by the serene Japanese countryside. With rice fields stretching out, and traditional Japanese architecture, it reflects an elegant blend of nature and tradition, making the beer tasting a meditative experience.

Clarens Brewery (South Africa)

Located in the Free State province, Clarens is often termed as the “Jewel of the Eastern Free State.” The brewery offers views of the Maluti Mountains, with its golden sandstone cliffs and vast landscapes making every brew feel like a toast to the wilderness.

Patagonia Brewery, Bariloche (Argentina)

Bariloche, in Argentina’s Patagonia region, is known for its Swiss alpine-style architecture and its location alongside the Andes. The brewery, with views of snow-capped peaks, azure lakes, and dense forests, offers a mesmerizing blend of wild landscapes and crafted beers.

8. The Experience: Beyond the Beer

The ambiance and setting of these breweries play a massive role in the tasting experience. Many breweries often use ingredients found in their surroundings, ensuring the drink reflects the locale’s essence.

9. Ecological Considerations

Being in such scenic locations, many breweries are adopting sustainable practices to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Breweries like Sierra Nevada lead in sustainable brewing operations, emphasizing the importance of giving back to nature.

10. Conclusion

In today’s world of craft beer, it’s not just about the taste. It’s about the experience. And what better way to enhance this experience than pairing it with nature’s finest views?

11. Quick Tips & Recommendations

  • Best Times: Many of these breweries offer seasonal brews, so checking in advance can enhance your visit.
  • Specialty Brews: Always ask for the locale’s specialty or limited-time offer.
  • Enhancing Your Visit: Consider local festivals or events when planning your brewery tour for an enriched experience.

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