Thomas F Zens – Testimonial

I have contracted with PRO Engineering and Manufacturing for over the last 15 years as Director of Engineering Design at MillerCoors to help us manage our fleet of pasteurizers and warmers at our 7 breweries in the United States. PRO Engineering has provided the engineering services, labor and materials necessary to repair and refurbish our fleet of over 50 pasteurizers and warmers as required to meet our production requirements.

We contracted with PRO Engineering to assess the needs of our pasteurizers and created a plan to refurbish the machines to provide improved performance and reliability. PRO Engineering developed designs that improved on the original designs of our pasteurizers. These designs increased the pasteurizers performance and reliability and help reduce their overall operating costs.

The PRO Engineering team consistently provided us with World Class Customer Service and Support. They reacted quickly to our needs. They worked the weekends and holidays necessary to refurbish and repair our pasteurizers and warmers as necessary to provide minimal line downtime in our production scheduled. Their servicepersons always acted with professionalism when working with our personnel in our breweries. They always provided us with realistic budgets and schedules that they consistently met. They could always be counted on to jump in and get us back in operation when we had a catastrophic pasteurizer or warmer failure.

Over the 15 years that I have worked with PRO Engineering, they have consistently met our expectations to provide superior customer service and professional engineering solutions to meet the varying needs of our pasteurizers and warmers. I would recommend them to any company that needs innovative and professional service and support for their machine repair redesign and refurbishment.

Thomas F Zens

Former Director of Engineering Design

MillerCoors Brewing Company