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Today, one of the expanding beverage categories is the fruit drink category.

Fruit beverages contain sugars, which are present naturally in the fruit. In some cases, sugar is added to the beverage. When sugars are present, the fermentation process can occur if there is yeast also present.

The result is the production of alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. Alcohol is generally not a desirable end product in pure fruit juice products. Also, if the juice is already bottled and capped, there may be a situation that involves exploding bottles. Another undesirable situation can occur when bottling fruit juice.

At the end of the growing season and/or during the harvesting process, the fruit may be contaminated with e-coli bacteria and other pathogens. One effective and efficient way of solving these problems is to pasteurize the fruit beverage in the consumer package, be it bottle or can.

The best way to pasteurize beverages in the consumer package is to employ either a tunnel pasteurizer or a batch pasteurizer. In either machine, the entire package and the beverage contained within are pasteurized. There is no need for aseptic filling conditions to be maintained downstream.

PRO Engineering and Manufacturing designs and manufactures a variety of batch and tunnel pasteurizers.

PRO is a leader in innovative pasteurizer design, from the smallest to the largest models. The company has over 43 years of experience in the field of pasteurization.

PRO Engineering and Manufacturing was established in 1977 by Ed and Dave Michalski as a steel fabrication shop. For more than 40 years, PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. has been delivering solutions for beverage product shelf stability and consumption safety. As leading innovators in post-fill pasteurization, our skilled team offers the best in high-quality pasteurization equipment.

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