PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. Announces Participation at Great Lakes Expo Trade Show, December 10-12

PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. Announces Participation at Great Lakes Expo Trade Show, December 10-12 PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc., known as PRO Engineering, announced today that it will be participating in the Great Lakes Expo Trade Show,  being held December 10th through the 12th at the Devos Place Conference Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Known as the “Fruit and Veggie” Show, the trade show is the premiere show for fruit and vegetable growers, greenhouse growers and farm marketers. Located in booth 137, PRO Engineering will be promoting their unique, Single Temperature Batch Pasteurizer ( ) and Triple Temperature Batch Pasteurizer. These pasteurizers are ideal for small to medium sized beverage bottlers who want to have an extremely affordable pasteurizer. 

The PRO Batch pasteurizers have unique features designed into the machines based on 42 years of providing services and equipment for the pasteurization of beverages. The PRO Batch Pasteurizers are compact and can be pallet-jacked so they can be moved around the plant floor. Extra-large-orifice nozzles are clog resistant, the machine recycles water to reduce water usage, adding to your production facility’s sustainability.  

Additionally, PRO Engineering offers a trade up program that allows customers who have purchased a batch pasteurizer to trade up to a tunnel pasteurizer when they need a machine with greater capacity. 

In addition to the PRO Batch Pasteurizers, PRO Engineering will be educating show attendees on the Voran line of fruit and vegetable processing equipment. PRO is  an authorized sales representative of Voran equipment. Voran, located in Austria, is known the world over for its wide variety and quality of fruit and vegetable equipment.  From washing and mashing to de-stoning equipment, PRO Engineering offers equipment and services for Voran. 

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