This infographic displays why PRO’s Tunnel Pasteurizers are more efficient, safer and cost effective than both flash pasteurizers and sterile filtration methods for non-dairy pasteurization of beer and beverage.

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Tunnel Pasteurizer

Post Fill and Post Seal Pasteurization resulting in both product and container being sanitized at the same time and no risk of the inside of the container being contaminated

Pasteurization can easily be measured and adjusted with PU monitor

Can be used as a standalone warmer if needed

Can be used for both food and beverages

Flash Pasteurizer

Pre Fill Pasteurization (Risk of re-contamination in container)

Difficult to measure pasteurization

Requires a tunnel warmer for most products

Can only be used for beverages

Sterile Filtration

Risk of filter breaking resulting in undesirable elements slipping through: container being contaminated pre-sealed

Difficult to measure filtration

Requires a tunnel warmer for most products

Can only be used for beverages


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We have been involved in tunnel pasteurizers since 1977.

PRO Engineering and Manufacturing has developed a range of small, medium, and large-sized tunnel & batch pasteurizers to fit the needs of BrewMasters & Beverage Makers.

When our customers asked for more compact as well as full-size tunnel pasteurizers, PRO developed models to fit our customers’ needs. Then our customers needed a batch pasteurizer. We now provide batch pasteurizer PRO Engineering and Manufacturing is a business that continually innovates to meet customer needs.

For more than 40 years, we have been delivering solutions for beverage product shelf stability and consumption safety.

Edward A. Michalski Bio

Ed Michalski started his career in the beverage industry by designing stainless steel, higher flow, spray headers for Pabst Brewing. Along with the header design he also developed a process to produce the new headers.

Ed, along with his brother David, formed PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc.

Based on what they learned by re-designing and refurbishing other manufacturers’ pasteurizers, Ed and PRO started to offer the pasteurizer marketplace superior new pasteurizers.

For more information on tunnel and batch pasteurization contact PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. at [email protected] or call (414) 362-1500 and ask for Ed Michalski, CEO.

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