CBD-infused products in some of its most common forms, may be dealing with fermentation, microbial growth cleared and the pasteurization of liquids to extend shelf life and quality just like most any other fruit or flavor-infused product.  Any time you’re adding fruit or sugar with or without CBD, the sugar fermentation needs to stop. The question becomes how to pasteurize the CBD-infused liquid or foods you want to manufacture, produce, or use.

CBD has robust sales when used in the CBD-infused beverage space. That’s why many producers and manufacturers want to know how the pasteurization process occurs, They understand it is the pasteurization process that helps gives you a CBD product that’s safe, microbe-free, and ready to drink or eat.

That’s when having a batch and tunnel pasteurizer can make the difference in having a safe product to eat or drink or having a product that’s not pasteurized correctly. A product that can lead to you having unknown health consequences. Please read on if you want to learn more about how to pasteurize so you can drink up or eat with your favorite CBD-infused product.

Pasteurize Definition

The definition of pasteurization is when you apply heat to food and beverages which kill the pathogens, thereby extending the shelf life of the food or liquid. It sounds like a simple enough process, but it’s anything but because while pasteurization does kill off microorganisms, it not a form of sterilization. There are bacterial spores that do still live, but the heating process does extend the life span of your food or beverage.

Ever since pasteurization was first used back in 1117, A.D. humankind has been trying to find a way to kill off microbes they knew could make them ill and was floating around in their food or beverages. That’s why liquids are pasteurized flowing through a heated pipe while food is pasteurized after it is packed into containers.

Pasteurization Effects

Pasteurization does make your food or beverage safer to drink and extends its life span, but the actual process does impact the taste of liquid and food that goes through the process. In addition to affecting the taste of the food or drink, pasteurization also decreases B2 concentrations in beverages like milk. Fruit juice will lose some of its aroma and Vitamin C and carotene after it’s been pasteurized.  Vegetables will have their nutrient value change and suffer from tissue softening while other vegetables react differently to the process, and their nutritional levels go up. There are new types of pasteurization processes that have been created and designed to help inactivate spoilage enzymes in food and liquids without losing the nutrient levels.

Pasteurization Process

It is through the use of high-pressure pasteurization processing equipment (HPP), microwave volumetric heating (MVH), or pulsed electric field pasteurization (PEF) that you find the most significant changes in the pasteurization process. These pasteurization processes come into play many times when trying to infuse CBD into the beverage space. 

Interestingly the CBD beverage market is still working out its kinks because CBD beverages, as a rule, are difficult to formulate.

Because CBD beverages are challenging to formulate when you have a variation of just a milligram, it can have a significant impact on the drink. Some manufacturers of CBD infused beverages or food have been following the hazard analysis and critical control points (HAACP) plan. The HAACP plan includes identifying any hazards an ingredient might bring to bear on the product during its manufacturing process.

Hazards are considered and categorized into biological, chemical, and physical, with pasteurization being an excellent method choice to eliminate many of the dangers through pasteurization temperature-time combinations. That’s why when you know ahead of time you’re going to be dealing with fermentation issues due to the fruit or sugar being added to your liquid or food; you need to have a pasteurization process you can trust.

CBD-Infused Beverage or Food

New CBD beverages and foods are popping up so fast in the marketplace it’s hard to keep track. Each one of the new CBD-infused drinks or food will have different positioning, delivery methods, and use other technology to adhere to food and beverage safety standards. However, some of the more significant challenges with cannabis-based infusion are the use of the pasteurization process, which fits its safety needs best.

The heat treatments of pasteurization will help the cannabis-infused product receive a microbial load reduction with an increase in the preservation that’s even compatible with the pH factor that works excellent in juices and health drinks. The trick right now is to be able to meet the pasteurization needs using proper analytical testing and research parameters, which is ongoing. What is a fact is that pasteurization provides the functional components needed to keep beverage and food products infused with CBD at a safe level for consumers to eat and drink.

Your Next Step in the Pasteurization Process

PRO Engineering and Manufacturing has been around since 1977. They have moved pasteurization changes throughout the decades by offering targeted solutions for your beverage product shelf stability and consumption safety. Reach out to PRO Engineering and Manufacturing when you’re ready to use something like the batch and tunnel pasteurizer for your CBD-infused beverage or any of your pasteurization needs.

There’s no doubt you’ll find what you need on the PRO website because they have the information on pasteurization you’ve been looking for but didn’t know where to find it. The batch and tunnel pasteurizer provide you with the high-quality pasteurization equipment that makes you feel good about the quality of food and beverages you’re providing by using one of the safest pasteurize solutions available today. It makes you part of the solution in making food and beverages safer for all of us.

You lose nothing and gain much by reaching out to PRO today because consumption safety isn’t something you can cut corners on. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for CBD- Infused beverage pasteurizer, contact us! 

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Based on what they learned by re-designing and refurbishing other manufacturers’ pasteurizers, Ed and PRO started to offer the pasteurizer marketplace superior new pasteurizers.  

PRO Engineering/Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing tunnel pasteurizers and batch pasteurizers for over four decades.  

PRO Engineering and Manufacturing was established in 1977 by Ed and Dave Michalski as a steel fabrication shop. For more than 40 years, PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. has been delivering solutions for beverage product shelf stability and consumption safety. As leading innovators in post-fill pasteurization, our skilled team offers the best in high-quality pasteurization equipment.

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