Z-Lift Z-Lift Z-Lift


A Fortune 100 food producer needed to transport diced toppings from storage to application on pizza crusts. PRO Engineering designed and built three new conveying systems known as Z-lifts.

The customer is very satisfied with the PRO Engineering design for these machines because of the following benefits.

Special Features
Z-Lift with bin, right view
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  • Side extensions reduce product loss when filling.
  • Catch pans recover product carryover in a sanitary fashion for reuse.
Z-Lift with bin, left view
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  • Catch pans and covers remove quickly with no tools for easy cleaning.
Z-Lift with no bin

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  • Belt guides remove quickly without tools for cleaning
  • Large side access holes for easy cleaning.

The customer received...

Because PRO provided...

A more hygienic machine.

• A design that can withstand
complete washdowns.

• Compartments where food may
accumulate are accessible for washdown.

• Belt guides that can be removed quickly,without tools, for cleaning.

• Large access holes for easy cleaning.

• Catch pans and covers that remove quickly for easy cleaning.

A more efficient machine.

An improved design that incorporated heavy-duty grates to prevent clumping of diced pizza toppings.

A machine that generates less waste and increased savings.

Catch-all pans and chutes that have been built into the entire machine to accumulate any spill-over of product. The chutes lead into a main chute that empties into a tote held high enough off the floor, per regulations, to reclaim any spilled product.

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