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Special Features
  • Process water passes through structural frame members, reducing external plumbing requirements.
  • High efficiency plate-type heat exchangers.
  • Suction boxes
  • Large 3" drain valves

Ecologically friendlyIf you have a particularly difficult problem that you are trying to solve with a new warmer, we will use our extensive research and design experience and site visits to provide you with the best solution.

If you need...

PRO provides...

Substantial savings on maintenance costs.

Warmers that have non-plugging nozzles. Additionally, PRO uses T304 stainless steel on all of its food and beverage equipment.

The elimination of product overheating during line stoppage.

A warmer with the ESSTERS feature that uses minimum sump water volume, evaporative cooling and thermal balancing.

Maximum flexibility.

Warmers that are adaptable to warm water recovery systems or all types of heaters.

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• Installation
• Diagnosis
• Repair
• Maintenance
• Training

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