Pro engineering & manufacturing

Pouch Coolers

Special Features
  • Intuitive, touch screen control.
  • Easy access side panels.
  • External suction box with removable screens.

Ecologically friendlyOnce again, with such features as low water consumption, a small footprint, Clean-in-Place and non-plugging nozzles, PRO Engineering pouch coolers offer you cost savings, low maintenance and flexibility unmatched by any other machine.

If you need...

PRO provides...

To save on energy costs, up to 80%.

Low horsepower pumps.

Low maintenance costs and less downtime.

Easy-to-clean pump suction strainers.

Enhanced production.

Two to seven pass models.

Additional maintenance and downtime cost reductions.

T304, all stainless-steel-construction.

Check out these Services from PRO:
• Installation
• Diagnosis
• Repair
• Maintenance
• Training

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