Large Pasteurizer Large Pasteurizer

Large Pasteurizers from PRO Engineering & Manufacturing

Special Features
  • Process water travels through structural members.
  • Belt protrudes beyond frame for easy incorporation of dynamic transfer to cross conveyor.
  • Integral CIP system

Ecologically friendlyNot only do you have available to you the most unique pasteurizer solution on the market, you can also find coolers, warmers and pouch coolers with their own unique benefits that will save you money, time and worry.

If you need...

PRO provides...

A pasteurizer with the lowest water consumption.

A pasteurizer with a revolutionary design that delivers a very cost-effective benefit to you. The design allows the machine to have the lowest water consumption in the industry, bar none. This can result in large cost savings for you in water and sewer bills. With higher emphasis placed on “green” manufacturing, this benefit will place you ahead of everyone else in the market.

To save a lot of money in cleaning and maintenance costs.

A machine that is easy to clean in place. Nothing can waste labor dollars more than a machine that takes too long to clean. A patented, active CIP mechanism inside the machine does the job for you. Additionally, the machine is designed so that dirt and debris are not trapped in nooks and crannies. One more headache you won’t have.

Reduced energy costs.

A pasteurizer that does not need cooling towers or refrigeration in most applications. This means that you will have fewer things to worry about and less energy costs.

Increased process reliability.

Large orifice nozzles on your PRO pasteurizer that increase process reliability by providing your product with extra spray volume.

Lower maintenance costs and downtime.

T304 stainless on all PRO Engineering food processing equipment. This feature lowers your maintenance costs and downtime.

Flexible Design.

Pasteurizers available in 3 to 12 zone units. We can provide you with as small or as large a unit as your production process requires.

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