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"One Call Does it ALL"

PRO Engineering has gathered a group of companies together so you only need to make one call to get all of your beverage-making equipment. We sell and service this equipment.


Thanks to decades of experience in customer orientation and market analysis, VORAN® has become the industry leader in commercial fruit processing.

Always at the leading edge, VORAN keeps analyzing the latest trends to secure your competitive advantage.

Bulk Bin Tipper


Cleaning/Sorting Table
Elevator SA 200
Elevator SA 400
Wash-Grinding Systems

Basket Press
Packing Press
Belt Press


M500 Mobile Plant

M+F Keg-Technik
M+F KEG Technik gives their customers the best in keg handling equipment. This company is the premier supplier of keg washing and filling equipment. Refurbished and new equipment can be purchased.

Gernep Labeling
GERNEP is a manufacturer of labeling machinery that uses trendsetting technology to meet their customer’s labeling requirements today and in the future. GERNEP machines are found in the beverage, food and non-food industries.

KASPAR SCHULZ is a leading supplier of complete brew house systems including brew kettles, stainless steel tanks, piping and automation systems. With 335 years of experience, their equipment can be found in the largest breweries in the world and the smallest brew pubs.

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