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Mini Pasteurizers

Special Features
  • Wide access, removable side panels.
  • Extra-large-orifice nozzles.
  • 304 stainless steel constructions.
  • Optional suction boxes for easy screen cleaning.
  • HMI touch screen interfaces with PLC.

A compact pasteurizer at a compact price with many features of larger units.

If you need...

PRO provides...

A pasteurizer with a small footprint that will save you lots of space.

A compact pasteurizer, with thru-conveyor that is 4 feet wide and 24 feet long. It will pasteurize 70 bottles per minute. (12 ounce).

Easy cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting, reduced confined space.

Wide access, removable side panels.

The right price.

A machine with the right features, the right size and the right price for you.

Reliable pasteurization.

Extra-large-orifice nozzles produce extra spray volume to cover containers well.

Reduced downtime.

304 stainless steel construction is standard. Optional suction boxes house inlet screens that screen out debris.

Easy-to-use controls.

The HMI, combined with the PLC, give you easy machine control.

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