Micro 200 Basket Erector

PRO Micro 200™ Basket Erector

You just realized that you need to add production capacity to your beverage packaging line. However, you don't need the outrageous speed and cost of the larger machines. PRO Engineering has the right machine, at the right price for you.

Special Features
Basket Erector Features
Micro 200 Basket Erector
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  • Compact footprint
  • 4 or 6 pack baskets
Basket Erector, back view
Micro 200 Basket Erector
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  • Back view
Basket Erector, PLC/HMI Control
Micro 200 Basket Erector
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  • PLC/HMI Control

If you need...

PRO provides...

Quick payback

A machine that can provide a payback window of 6 to 8 months, depending on wage rates and benefits.

Machine speeds up to 40 baskets
per minute

Machine speeds of up to 40 baskets per minute for 4 or 6 pack baskets*

Compact footprint

The Micro 200 footprint is 12'0" X 4'7".

PLC and HMI controls

Flexibility to change basket sizes, consistency, diagnostics, manual operating mode for easy set-up and jam clearing.

Voltage options

Standard voltage is 110 VAC. Other voltage options are available with
price adder.

A machine that's easy on your employees

A possible reduction in RSIs
(Repetitive Stress Injuries) like
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

* Listed rate is maximum — achievable rate may be less, dependant on variables such as bottle size, basket design and other factors.

PRO Micro 200™ is a trademark of PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.

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