Pizza Dough Stacker Pizza Dough Stacker

Machine Re-engineering, Rebuilds and Refurbishment
(Pizza Dough Stacker)

Special Features
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  • Easy-to-adjust flexible, robust stacking chambers, can be adjusted on-the-fly.
  • Replaced pneumatic actuators with electric servo motors for more precise positioning.

One example of what PRO Engineering can do for you in the realm of re-engineering, rebuilds and refurbishing machinery is the case of this pizza dough stacker. A Fortune 100 food company asked Pro Engineering to make an existing machine more efficient. PRO’s engineers looked at the machine, its requirements on the line and where bottlenecks were occurring. They then went to work and improved the machine and its performance.

The customer received...

Because PRO...

More precise positioning of product.

Changed vertical positioning of pizza dough crusts from using pneumatic platen actuators to servos.

An increase in flexibility of adjustment, that can now be done on-the-fly.

Changed the stacking guide from static to totally adjustable operation.

Much easier and faster clearing of product jams.

Designed and installed a unique jam-clearing feature.

A machine that is easier and faster to clean.

Removed aluminum parts and replaced them with stainless steel. PRO also improved the design of the machine to make it more sanitary.

Added years of life to this machine.

Changed out the old drives, bearings and motors for new ones.

Also, PRO Engineering and Manufacturing is known nationwide for its expertise in total turnkey refurbishment of pasteurizers and other beverage industry equipment. Pro has been refurbishing beverage equipment for all of its 32 years. This means that you can trust PRO to help you make your machinery more efficient and effective.

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