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Over-the-Top™ Customer Service

PRO Engineering is a past recipient of the Miller Brewing Co. Partners in Excellence Award. This award is given to vendors who demonstrate superior customer service.

We commit to give you Over-the-Top™ customer satisfaction. Strong words, but can we deliver?
You bet!

Here are just a few real-life examples of how we have delivered Over-the-Top™ customer satisfaction!

1. NEW! Miller Electric and PRO Engineering helped solve a problem for another Miller... Miller Brewing.
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2. While working at an East Coast plant, a call came in from a West Coast plant. The call said that a drive shaft had broken on a piece of machinery. This shaft is a special order item and can take from 8 to 12 weeks for delivery. However, the PRO Engineering serviceman knew that there was one still crated at the East Coast plant. PRO Engineering was able to arrange a hot shot truck to drive it across the country to the customer on the West Coast, saving them 8 to 12 weeks.

3. A new machine was being installed by a competitor and it would not run for more than a few minutes. The customer asked the competitor to call PRO Engineering for assistance. The president of PRO (Ed Michalski), along with an assistant, went to the customer. After using proper measuring equipment the new machine was running within a day.

4. A customer’s unit crashed and PRO Engineering was called at noon in Milwaukee. By 9:00 pm that night the PRO service tech was in North Carolina. He found the problem and the unit was set for repair the next day.

If you would like to receive our Over-the-Top™ customer service, contact us at: or call (414) 362-1500.