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Special Features
  • Optional air knife blower with integral mount.
  • Evaporative cooling fan.
  • Large 3" drain valves
  • Suction boxes

Ecologically friendlyTunnel coolers from PRO Engineering use the same breakthrough design and engineering concepts evident in the pasteurizer line to give you maximum performance and cost savings.

If you need...

PRO provides...

Incredible energy savings.

Low power consumption pumps and evaporative cooling techniques, along with other proprietary design aspects. You may see up to eighty percent energy savings over a chilled water system.

A reduced need for production facility space.

Coolers with a small footprint that will save you floor space. You can expand your capacity without adding bricks and mortar.

A cooler design that is very easy to clean.

A clean, non-cluttered design, along with a built-in CIP cleaning mechanism. These features make it easy to realize clean in place savings. External suction boxes on the side of the machine house easily accessible inlet screens that keep debris out of the pump mechanism. Inlet screens can be cleaned or changed out on-the-fly.

Increased reliability.

Large orifice nozzles on your cooler that will increase process reliability by providing your product with extra spray volume and make it less likely that debris will clog the nozzles.

Lower maintenance costs.

T304 stainless on all PRO Engineering and Manufacturing food processing equipment.

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• Installation
• Diagnosis
• Repair
• Maintenance
• Training

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