Batch Pasteurizer

Batch Pasteurizer

Your monthly sales are growing. More and more craft beer fans are demanding that you distribute to a wider area. You want to keep your beer fresher, longer. Now is the time to look into the PRO Engineering Batch Pasteurizer.

Special Features
Batch Pasteurizer, temperature gauges and thermostat
Batch Pasteurizer
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  • Temperature gauges and thermostat
Batch Pasteurizer, front view
Batch Pasteurizer front view
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  • Front view
Batch Pasteurizer, top view
Batch Pasteurizer top view
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  • Top view

If you need...

PRO provides...

A quick processing rate

A pasteurizer that can give you 2,400 bottles or 3,000 cans, 12 ounce size, pasteurized to 12 pasteurization units in an 8 hour shift.

Compact size

Dimensions slightly more than 2’ wide X 5’ long X 7’ high. Very easy to place on your production floor.

Corrosion resistance

Stainless steel construction

Process parameter monitoring

Temperature gauge and thermostats along with a process timer that help you keep track of the process.

Low water usage

A pasteurizer that recycles water saving you money and helping you run a sustainable brewery.

Many “extras’

• Clog Resistant Spray Nozzles
• High Water Overflow
• Auto Water Makeup
• Door Position Switches
• Counterweight Balanced Doors
• Additional (plugged) ½ inch NPT Outlet

Check out these Services from PRO:
• Installation
• Diagnosis
• Repair
• Maintenance
• Training

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