Motocycle Bag Automation Automated Fender Bender Workstation

Automation Fixtures & Workstations

Special Features
Automation Fixture
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  • 3 axis dynamic positioning
  • Flaps are up before cycle start, after cycle start flaps are placed down with no marks on leather.
Fiberglass Ladder
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  • Change out locators are standard.
  • Modular air manifold systems
Fiberglass Ladder
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  • Screen will callout which door will open automatically.
  • Doors open & close via PLC Programming.
  • Rear loading of bins.

Do you need a complete automation solution? Or, perhaps you want an ergonomically designed workstation. PRO Engineering and Manufacturing can design and build both for you. Robot welders and robot pick-and-place are on the complete automation end of the spectrum while workstations that are used by your personnel are on the other end of the continuum. PRO has years of experience in all types of production automation and manned workstations. Here are more specifics:

If you need...

PRO provides...

Improved your system performance through complete system integration.

Complete turnkey systems.

Exactly what you want, no cookie cutter designs.

A system that will be custom designed to your specifications.

Increased productivity.

Shuttle systems that allow operators to run two or more systems concurrently.

Faster implementation of projects in order to get productivity improvements on the books quicker with no surprises.

The use of AutoCad and Solidworks software that allows you to review and approve designs from start to finish, fast.

Reduced repetitive stress injuries, which can result in a decrease in workman’s comp claims.

Manned work cells designed to ergonomic principles that reduce repetitive stress injuries.

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