Air Knife

Air Knife

The new system from PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, known as the “Air Knife”, is one of the most unique packaging solutions to be developed by PRO engineers.

The system uses air to cut heavy plastic overwrap materials that need to be removed from bottles and cans stacked on pallets.

Special Features
Air knife
Air knife
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  • PLC controlled
Air knife, close up
Air Knife
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  • Hot air nozzle
  • Photo sensor
  • Safety bar
Air knife with bottle pallet

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  • Sealed bearings

If you need...

PRO provides...

Increased productivity

The Air Knife from PRO has a cycle time between 30 and 60 pallets per hour depending on the size of the pallet and your conveyor speed.

A sensor on the machine that finds the top of the pallet and this reduces cycle time and energy waste.

Decreased ergonomic injuries

A machine that completely eliminates the need for employees to climb on ladders and reach over to a pallet.

Increased quality levels

Elimination of bottles sustaining scratches from a sharp knife or box cutter. These bottles can burst in the filler or pasteurizer.

Elimination of scratches on cans or other palletized containers.

Complete flexibility

On-board PLC control that makes this machine incredibly flexible.

Easy integration into your packaging line.

Programming for multiple pallet heights, sizes and start/stop points.

Fault monitoring is available.

Gantry height available from 4 to 12 feet high.

Increased safety

Elimination of employees climbing ladders to cut plastic overwrap.

E-stop meets ISO Standard 13849-1 Category 3

Split voltage panels allow troubleshooting of control-side circuits without opening power-side panel.

A safety bar attached to the air head protects against crushing injuries by stopping downward travel of hot-air head.

Reduced maintenance

A very robust design

Fully sealed bearings

Stober “sealed-for-life” gearbox

Fully-sealed TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor

Washdown-rated designs available.

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