PRO Services

PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc has been servicing brewers and beverage makers for over 38 years. We have an incredible knowledge base and people who are expert in helping you avoid problems with your equipment or solving problems if they are present.

If you are a...

PRO will provide you with...

Small brewer
Medium size brewer
Large brewer
Any type of beverage/bottling plan

An experienced services team that has worked in a plant like yours.

If you need...

PRO will provide you with...

A complete offering of services.

Installation service
Diagnosis of problems
Repair of machinery
Maintenance that is proactive
Training on how to maintain equipment

A services vendor that has expertise working on equipment from many different suppliers.


A services team that can work on equipment from any supplier, including:

• PRO Engineering
• Lambricks
• Meheen,
• Krones,
• KHS,
• Moravek,
• M+F Keg Technik,
• Gernep,
• Quality Tank Solutions,
• Kaspar Schultz
…. And more

If you want...

PRO will provide you with...

A variety of maintenance program choices.

Numerous proactive maintenance contract programs that give you:

• Discounted rates
• Planned maintenance
• Budgeted expense

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